What is G-Lover vibrating ring? (penis enlargement ring)

G-Lover vibrating ring is a product especially to stimulate female G-spot. The product can be wore anywhere behind the glans on erected penis. Through the vibrating mode, G-Lover vibrating ring can simply stimulate the G-spot of woman easily. Moreover, follow the movement of the penis, the vibration and friction can make female easily to reach orgasm.

Instruction for use
1. Switch on G-Lover( the switch is right next to G-Lover)
2. Please wear it on the penis , and the position should behind the balanus.
3. Then wear the condom.
4.Finish.(Suggest applying some lubrication before using,and it will work better)

g lover ring
g lover ring -3
g-lover 4
condom g lover ring

You can simply wearing G-Lover vibrating ring on your finger (s) or any assistant tools… You will find that G-lover can fulfill any of  your sexual imagination and desire whether. you have a man with you or not. What’s more better, some of the features makes.  G-Lover vibrating ring even better than massage sticks:

~ No need to wash :One- time use offers more hygienic care to your body.

~ Easy to use:You can use it at anytime, anywhere, and in any way you like.

~ Easy to carry:The size of G-lover is small enough to put in the pocket.